Returning to heartfelt concerns – returning to passionate writing

I have been rather quiet on this blog recently.  My attention has been elsewhere, pursuing an intellectual interest in posthuman approaches to teaching and learning.  While that project moves into a different pattern (less intense) I can return to something very close to my soul.  I haven’t neglected it completely since I have dome some final edits to my book chapter/spoken word contribution to a book on academic identities that is being published by Sense publishers (see an early draft here).  

So I am returning to my autoethnography.

This means I will be building on the notes I have made already here and here.  As with my work on posthuman approaches to teaching and learning these will be public notes that capture my developing thinking and will form the basis for more extended text.  I will also use this space to rehearse my central narrative, the personal experience of brokenness.  To write this in such a public fashion will be important because it will discipline me to consider what is important in terms of the publics I feel myself speaking to/with.  It will require me to analyse what is primarily personal and private and what is pertinent to a collective experience.

I am looking forward to this even though I also know it will demand much emotionally.

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